De Novo Banks,
In Organization

Audit Services that Help to Identify Potential Business Risk in Advance

We have been working with banks, including holding companies since 1974. We are the leading provider of independent audit and tax services to banks in Florida. Our bank clients range in size from newly formed De Novo Banks to over $4 billion in total assets. These institutions are both privately and publicly traded.

We service more Florida banks than the next two CPA firms combined. Our philosophy remains quite simple, to become thoroughly familiar with a client’s operations so that we can provide the most efficient and cost effective audit and tax services. We believe this “personal touch” separates us from other firms.

Services to De Novo Banks,
In Organization

  • Assist management with projections included in the applicable federal and state applications
  • Tax structure – C or S Corporation Elections
  • Tax compliance and planning servicess
  • Assistance with accounting issues

Florida Bank Consulting
and Tax Services

We have provided consulting and tax services to over fifty Florida (both national and state charters) and to organizing groups looking to charter a bank in Florida. We are currently working with several de novo bank organizing groups. Our services during the organizational phase consists of consulting and advising on management’s projections included in the applicable federal and state applications.

We will also prepare Federal and state income tax returns, as well as provide general assistance in accounting and tax matters. We have an excellent reputation of providing our clients with superior service on a timely basis. The firm is also a member of the Florida Bankers Association.

Key Bank Services

  • Independent audits
  • Attestation Report Concerning the Effectiveness of Internal Control Structure Over Financial Reporting
  • Novo services
  • Employee Benefit Plan audits
  • HUD Compliance
  • Assistance with accounting issues and compliance
  • Tax compliance and planning services
  • Tax return preparation
  • Quarterly estimate tax calculations
  • Representation before the IRS and state taxing authorities
  • Tax Structure – S Corporation Elections
  • Deferred tax asset (liability) review
  • Assistance with quarterly and annual tax disclosures for the financial statements and/or similar reports.